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When you contact us, these are some of the people who can help you with your questions or call the general number of Steenland Chocolate and we will find the right person for you.

Steenland Chocolate BV

Burgemeester van Reenensingel 127
2803 PA Gouda
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 445
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 182 590 700
Fax: +31 182 53 89 22

For sales related questions please contact:

Or any of the responsible managers listed below.

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Managing Director

Responsible for: General Management. Sales in Asia & Oceania

Mr. Ruud Karsdorp
+31 182 59 07 33

Sales Manager

UK, Middle East & America

Mr. Marc Reuser
+31 182 59 07 43

Account Manager

EU territory

Mr. Marc van Bochove
+ 31 182 59 07 41

QHSE Manager

Mrs. Mariska van den Bulk
+31 182 59 07 55

Mr. Eric Gilhuijs
+31 182 59 07 74

HR Manager
Purchase Manager

Mrs. Rianne Linders
+31 182 59 07 52

Logistics Coordinator

Mr. Mark van Werkhoven
+31 182 59 07 56

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you allow factory visits?

Unfortunately not. We are 100% dedicated to delivering chocolate products of the highest possible quality. This means we adhere to unusually strict rules concerning hygiene. For this reason, we have chosen to limit access to our production hall strictly to those people who are necessary for the chocolate production process.

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Is the chocolate made by Steenland Chocolate nut free?

Our factory is completely free of nuts and it is extremely unlikely that there are traces of nuts in our finished chocolate products. There is a very small chance that nuts may have ended up in the cocoa beans at the beginning of the production chain. See our page on nutritional facts and allergies for more information.

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Does Steenland Chocolate use Genetically Modified ingredients?

No. All our products are GMO free.

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Does Steenland Chocolate sell directly to consumers?

Steenland Chocolate currently only sells to retailers, wholesalers, importers etc., with certain minimum order volumes.

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Where can I buy Steenland Chocolate products?

That depends where you are / live. We sell our products to numerous customers in over 55 countries. Please send us a mail with your question, add your personal information and we will get back to you.

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Are your products Kosher?

Yes, our production facilities are Circle U Dairy certified.

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Is chocolate suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, our chocolate is suitable for vegetarians. Due to the fact that cow’s milk powder is an ingredient our chocolate is unsuitable for vegans.

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In case of any complaints or quality issues please contact our QSHE manager Eric Gilhuijs at

Fairs and exhibitions

When you would like to meet our sales team in person, you could meet us at the following fair:

ISM 2023

23 – 25 april

Steenland will attend the world’s largest confectionery fair exhibition in Cologne, Germany.
Stand: TBA