Quality & food safety

At Steenland Chocolate, we are committed to supplying you the best quality customized chocolate coins, chocolate mini bars and solid shaped chocolates available. That is why we work according to a number of strict industry quality standards.

We are certified for a number of international industry guidelines. If you would like to know more about the nutritional aspects of our chocolate products, please read in below on nutrition facts and allergy information.

Quality control system and certificates

Steenland Chocolate manufactures top quality chocolate and guarantees complete consumer food safety. We produce conform GMP principles and we have a strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system in place.

Steenland Chocolate is fully BRC-certified.

Steenland Chocolate meets the established statutory requirements relating to Work Safety, and therefore received the Work Safety Vignette.

External quality and safety audits

We produce all of our chocolates in our own production facility, following the highest hygiene standards. We regularly welcome external auditors, who ensure that we follow correct procedures for hygienic work processes, storage and cleaning.

They also assess the state of our premises, production halls and the traceability of the raw ingredients we use, as well as our final chocolate products. We continuously invest in our factory in order to be at the forefront of the strictest hygiene and quality control standards for confectionery production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Steenland Chocolate B.V. wants to make sure that everybody working at Steenland and her suppliers work in a safe environment and under healthy conditions. We believe in our responsibility regarding sustainablity. We pay attention to minimize our impact on the environment and we encourage the use of people-friendly types of chocolate.

Our production processes are clean, energy efficient and cause hardly any pollution. Most of the waste is recycled. We are committed to reducing our CO2 footprint by investing in energy efficient equipment and processes.

Nutritional facts & Allergy information

If you have the barcode of a Steenland product which says please visit www.steenland.nl for nutrition information, please use the barcode search option in our footer. If you have another Steenland Chocolate product and you have any questions about ingredients and/or nutrition facts that are not listed on the packaging, please contact our QHSE manager:

Eric Gilhuijs by sending an e-mail to: egilhuijs@steenland.nl.

The chocolate we use is free from gluten, eggs and sea shells, but contains cow’s milk and may contain traces of nuts and soya. All ingredients, nutrition facts and allergy information on our packaging meet appropriate legal requirements.

Nut & peanut allergy

The Steenland Chocolate factory is nut free and it is highly unlikely that peanut traces are present in our chocolate. Traces of peanut materials being present as a result of potential cross contamination at the beginning of the supply chain are estimated to be lower than 1 mg/kg.

Independent analyses after processing into cocoa mass shows that peanut allergens were not present at a detection limit of 2.5 ppm. Concerning the involuntary presence of peanut allergens in cocoa, we agree with the position of the ECA (European Cocoa Association) from June 2005.