Solid shaped chocolates

An addition to our assortment since 2011 are the fun solid-shaped chocolates. Weighing 40g, 75g and 90g per standard size box, these lighthearted solid chocolate shapes are bound to satisfy any chocolate craving. That is, after having played with the pieces, because our solid shapes are ideal for playful (and tasty) learning.

Design and packaging

Both the design and packaging can be customized: You can use your own chocolate shape design and artwork. We are able to create almost any figure from chocolate. The number of chocolate shapes in the box varies, depending on the design of the shapes and the weight. Packaging options include bulk packs and displays.

Steenland Chocolate range solid shaped chocolates

At Steenland Chocolate we offer a standard range of solid shaped chocolates whose designs are attractive to customers and which themes appeal to a large customer audience. Boxes are available with a window or as a closed version.

Seasonal themed solid shaped chocolates

Also for seasonal occasions like Christmas we offer a wide range of products. The artwork of this packaging is alluded to the different seasons.

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