Chocolate coins

Our chocolate coins are made of rich, chocolate and can be enjoyed throughout the year, whether it is for a special event, theme or during a particular season. Our coins are available in many sizes. Starting from our smallest 22mm coin, up towards our biggest 125mm coin ending with our ingot (gold bar) which can all be supplied with the imprint you prefer. This mould can be chosen from our 10,000 and counting mould library or any customized 2D or 3D embossment to your own design.

Our chocolate coins can be made with various kinds of foil colors. We have the standard gold foil, but besides that we also have Euro bi-colour, mint green, purple etc. and some specially designed foils such as our casino chips, valentine’s hearts and hologram foils. These are just some examples of the endless possibilities. Our coins can be packed in all kinds of creative packaging ranging from nets, luxury gift boxes to displays and treasure chests.

Sizes of chocolate coins

Small chocolate coins

(22-28-38 mm)

Our small tailor-made chocolate coins are Steenland’s most popular range of chocolate coins. They vary from 22, 28 to 38mm. Which can perfectly fit into a net, display, or be sold in gift- or bulk packaging and can be imprinted with various currencies, logo’s or various designs for any (seasonal) theme, international event.

Size in mm
Net chocolate weight
1.7 g
3.0 g
5.2 g

Medium chocolate coins

(55-75 mm - ingots)

Medium chocolate coins are what we call our chocolate medals (55mm), medallions (75mm) and our square shaped ingots. Perfect as tasty memories of events, luxury presents for corporations, hotels and restaurants and as a sales item for coffee bars. For an extra celebratory touch we can even fit a ribbon to the 55-75mm coins.

Size in mm
Net chocolate weight
11.0 g
23.0 g
10.0 g

Large chocolate coins

(100-125 mm)

Our large chocolate coins are the biggest we offer, which are available in 100 and 125mm. These coins are particularly suitable as gift item for different seasons but also a tourist item or use in promotional actions. An additional option is that these large coins can also have ribbons fit to them to make it really attractive medals.

Size in mm
Net chocolate weight
58.0 g
90.0 g


Steenland Chocolate offers a variety of packaging for your coins, medallions, large coins and ingots. Most of the packaging can be adapted to your taste with your brand, company name or any customized theme or artwork. The coin packaging can be made in different grading’s of customization. Starting with a customized label up to full pre-printed shelf ready displays with your own brand.

Classic net

The main product of Steenland Chocolate is the classic net with coins. Variety is the keyword here, from the coins it contains to the design of the label.


Steenland Chocolate offers durable cardboard display boxes for use on retail shelves. They are ideal for storing and selling nets with coins and can be made with your own artwork.


Particularly suitable for Cash & Carry customers, our clear plastic drums can contain plenty of chocolate coins ranging from 350g to 2KG.

Treasure chest

Especially designed for the kids in the family, Steenland Chocolate's treasure chests and tins are favor boxes that turn chocolates into toys or exhilarating gifts for children.

Luxury gift boxes

Luxury gifts like our banknotes, are an ongoing worldwide success. Tailor-made design, handy dimensions and filled with the finest chocolate coins make this a bestselling item.

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